40 minute consultation for Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and QEEG education, equipm





Educational Consulting Services Didactic & Educational Consulting

By guiding you through questions, concerns, and sales pitches as you embark on building your career, we streamline the process to make sure you have what you need to choose the right learning environment for success!

Mentorship Connection

We connect you directly with mentors that utilize your equipment, software, and have experience working with your client population.

Internship Placement & Hands on Practicum

We network with the top internship sites across the country to ensure that you get the hands on clinical experience you need to be successful.

Certification Test Prep materials

Access the best certification test prep study materials you will need to be successful on the board exams.

Business Consultation Services Business Development, Strategy, and Marketing

Getting started can be costly and time consuming. From your business infrastructure to marketing strategy plans, our vast experience will save you time and money! Schedule a business strategy & marketing consultation to find out more!

Employment and Employer Needs

We offer an up-to-date job board. Whether you are looking for a place to start your new career as a Bio-Neurofeedback Technician or you own a company that is seeking qualified candidates, we have you covered!

Product Consultation Services EQUIPMENT NEEDS

Successful Practitioner employs an unbiased approach, having used the majority of systems and software on the market.We provide you with personalized equipment consulting to ensure you get what you need at a cost that meets your provider needs, growth goals and budget. Additionally we have intimate knowledge of how distributors and vendors operate. Let our experts guide you through the sales pitches and fluff.

Retail value for each consultation is $145.00

100% of the purchase price goes to FNNR.

FNNR thanks Successful Practitioner for their generous support.


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