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About Us


The Foundation for Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Research supports research for neurofeedback and related non-pharmaceutical technologies for central nervous system disorders.To accomplish this mission, FNNR:

  • Identifies areas of interest for research in neuromodulation therapies with a current focus on attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) autism spectrum disorder (ASD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and seizure disorders.
  • Establishes criteria for quality controlled studies to evaluate such therapies.
  • Solicits, evaluates, awards and administers research grants.
  • Recruits qualified researchers to conduct research.
  • Applies for public and private grants and donations.
  • Raises funds through direct and deferred donations.
  • Collaborates with other entities with similar objectives.


In 1991, a small group of professionals created a nonprofit organization to promote advancement in their innovative field of brainwave biofeedback. Their Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation (SSNR) grew and has become today’s International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) currently with over a thousand members across the world. ISNR’s scientific meetings and its peer-reviewed Journal of Neurotherapy are dedicated to research-based understanding. In 2003, ISNR created a special research committee to fund and manage research grants which funded nine studies resulting in ten publications from 2003 to 2008. The ISNR Research Fund committee was composed of Joel Lubar, PhD, James Evans, PhD, Cory Hammond, PhD, Vince Monastra, PhD, Tim Tinius, PhD and David Trudeau, MD (chair).With that growing experience, ISNR spun off the separate ISNR Research Foundation in 2008. With ongoing support from ISNR and its members and others, the ISNR Research Foundation is envisioned to expand its role as a major resource for research and academic development over the years and decades. In 2015, the name was changed Foundation for Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Research (FNNR).