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“Helena Bester, one of Africa’s few Board Certified Neurotherapists is regarded as one of the leading experts on ADHD and on neurofeedback in South Africa. She takes the reader on a journey through the origin, the development, the process, and the application of neurofeedback. 

The intention of the book is to bring hope to desperate and despondent people that do not experience lasting relief from debilitating emotional burdens or disorders after years of therapy because their brains are not susceptible to therapy due to dysregulation. The world of interventions is changing and neurofeedback or biofeedback is a modality of applied neuroscience that can no longer be ignored. Through neurofeedback, the regulation of the brain can improve which changes the potential outcome of any therapy drastically.
This book has the further intention of enlightening all medical and other healthcare practitioners on the validity and the principles of neurofeedback. It is a condensed source of relevant information to all who wish to consider to add neurofeedback to their practice, to those practitioners who want to stay responsibly abreast of therapies in the modern arena and to all neurofeedback practitioners.”