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Blind Auction 2020

These items are available only to licensed practitioners.

Please submit one bid by emailing admin@thefnnr.org with the item name and bid amount.

The highest bid wins. May the odds be ever in your favor.  (*booth code*)


First item:

Alpha Stim AID

Safely and effectively relieve your anxiety, insomnia, and depression with this proven, non-drug medical device. Fast, safe and easy-to-use. No lasting side effects, no risk of addiction.

A prescription or order from a licensed healthcare professional is required to purchase this device (within the USA). Talk with your doctor or licensed healthcare professional to get a prescription today.

Don’t have a doctor? If you do not have a doctor or would like to consult with a telehealth group, click here.

Retail Price $795

Minimum bid $397.50


Second Item:

Clinical Certification by HeartMath 

Over six online sessions, you’ll learn:

  • Brief interventions for emotional regulation to help patients take charge of their health and well-being
  • The science of self-regulation to motivate your patients to engage in effective self-care
  • Methods to show your clients changes in their physiology and emotional states

Our course offers 20 Continuing Education (CE) credits.  Learn More.

Retail Price $395

Minimum Bid $100