Amazing things can happen when we pull together.

Case in point:  when Mark Jones, who heads one of the most robust university-based BCIA-accredited neurofeedback programs in the country at the University of Texas at San Antonio, asked us to help him source equipment and funds to re-create his program using remote training as a model, we actively reached out to our community (YOU) to support him and also looked at what we could do directly through FNNR, since our missions are so closely aligned.

The results so far:  FNNR is funding the purchase and the long-term loan of a 2EB+ Clinical System with BrainAvatar 4.0 of BrainMaster Amplifier.  We reached out to BrainMaster and Tom and Terri responded by matching our donation with another of the same system for Mark’s program.

Among the many other contributors to his program:  Dr. James Evans donated 2 items; Brian Milstead ( donated 3 BioExplorer dongles; Michael Cohen (The Center for Brain Training) donated 2 Pocket Neuroboics Pendants; Jon Frederick loaned us his MindWave; Brainmaster (and FNNR) supplied 2 Atantis 2E+ and Brain Avatar loaner systems; Daniel Morris (Recovery in Oklahoma) donated an Atlantis 2×2; Lisa Merrifield donated 2 BrainMaster 2Es; Merlyn Hurd donated 2 Thought Technology systems.

Support such as this has come at a crucial time. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly created unique stressors on individuals and our society as a whole.  Neurofeedback and neuromodulation are significant tools that can be used to help mediate and reduce this stress.  Education and research on how neurofeedback can help have become increasingly important.

Thank you for all YOUR help!



An update from Mark Jones:

We have 16 clients in the cohort this summer. A dissertation study is scheduled for this fall with 15+ subjects and a control group. Another dissertation study is scheduled for next spring with 15+ subjects and a control group. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to these doctoral students to know they will be able to proceed with their research even if the campus remains locked down! Right now San Antonio is in a major upswing of COVID cases and hospitalizations with a doubling rate of 7 days. We’re projected to be short of hospital beds in a week or two. So, these donations have made treatment and research possible in the most trying of circumstances.
I am so very grateful and deeply touched by this outpouring. It was a dark night of the soul until you guys brought some light!!