Last-Minute Gifts and Year-End Ways to Support Research

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The PayPal Giving Fund is waiving fees and adding 1% to your donation for the rest of the year. You can use this link or the PayPal app. Other methods will not include the addition 1% and PayPal will charges fees.If you do not want to use PayPal or would like to do a recurring donation, please contact Cynthia Powers at

Looking for a last minute gift?

The FNNR eBay store has 6 active listings. All but one has electronic delivery so you don’t have to plan for shipping time. 

Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) 2-pack of Webinars

Psychopharmacology Online Course (Biosource Software/Frederic Shaffer, PhD, BCB)

Quantitative EEG Analysis and Report With Training Recommendations (John Nash)

Thought Technology EZ-AIR® LIGHT

Quantitative EEG Brainmap Report (Donated by ADD Clinic Scottsdale, Bob Gurnee)

BrainTrain SmartMind 3 (Software Only) – 1 Year License Listed for charity

You can get Prime Shipping on our books. 

Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback

Doing Neurofeedback

The Art of Artifacting