IQCB Application Fee

The International QEEG Certification Board (IQCB) certifies individuals who meet education and training standards in quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) and electrophysiology. IQCB progressively re-certifies those who advance their knowledge through continuing education.

The International QEEG Certification Board (IQCB) was created in 1995 with the mission of providing a formal certification standards in QEEG analysis. In March of 2015, the board adopted a new name, International QEEG Certification Board to reflect our global identity. We now have Certificants in many countries around the world. Names of certified practitioners can be found on the IQCB website in our Directory search function.

IQCB is an autonomous, nonprofit corporation. IQCB policies and procedures are set by an independent board of directors, comprised of a rotating group of distinguished clinicians, researchers, and educators. IQCB also has an advisory committee of distinguished professionals in the field of brain imaging and analysis.

Board certification is the mark of distinction for providers of brain imaging and analysis services. Certification is valid for 3 years. Recertification requires continuing education in advanced knowledge of recent developments in the field and ethical practice.

Board certification establishes that an individual has met strict requirements and standards of practice in the field of QEEG technology. However, IQCB certification is not a substitute for a state-issued license or other credential to practice one’s profession. Candidates for certification who do not hold a professional license or its equivalent must stipulate that they practice under the supervision of a licensed provider when treating a medical or psychological condition.

IQCB certifies individuals who are functioning in the field of Quantitative Electroencephalography on two levels:

  • Diplomate for clinical, behavioral, and/or educational purposes.
  • Technologist for clinical, behavioral, and/or educational purpose

The IQCB is neither a licensing agency nor an academic institution. Certification by the board indicates expertise in the understanding of the science underlying the QEEG and its applications.

Retail Value $200

100% of proceeds go to FNNR to fund research