Dr. Ron Bonnstetter is the senior vice president of research and development for TTI Success Insights, where he conducts research on the brain and human behavior. His published work at TTI Success Insights is focused on combining social and behavioral science with the brain. Bonnstetter’s work has been recognized with a 2012 Edison Award nomination, and recently has been featured in publications including Harvard Business Review, Education Weekly, Neuro Connections, Advances in Body-Mind Medicine and many more. In 2011, he wrote the epilogue to the re-issue of Emotions of Normal People (2011). Bonnstetter is a professor emeritus of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He has given speeches in all 50 states and 17 countries. He is also a dual-patent holder regarding validating ipsative assessments. He patented a technique where, using an EEG, gamma waves are viewed in the brain’s frontal lobe to determine whether or not a person is responding with integrity, validating the assessment. Bonnstetter was the first recipient of the National Senior Outstanding Science Educator of the Year Award in 2003. He ran the only secondary science preparation program recognized in the national Search for Excellence in Science Education.