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Bellabee is a wearable personal performance booster. Using PEMF technology, Bellabee can help you match your brain’s EEG signature to the task at hand, whether it be meditation, calm focus, study, or sleep.  Clinicians can select the appropriate protocol for their clients. Currently, the Bellabee requires a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) and the Bellabee App which is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Bellabee is generously donating  units for FNNR to sell so that clinicians and their clients can become familiar with the device.  You may choose to use it as an adjunct tool in your sessions or offer it directly to your clients for support in between sessions.   Bellabee offers a variety of ways to partner with them in order to bring this technology to more people.

Please note that this offering does not constitute an endorsement of the Bellabee product by the FNNR.


Retail value for each Bellabee unit is $159.00

FNNR thanks Bellabee for their generous support.  


*the Bellabee connects to the phone via headphone jack so an adapter is needed for any newer phone that doesn’t have one*