Mark Trullinger, MSc., BCN completed his masters in Psychology: Clinical Neuroscience from Wales, United Kingdom on International Scholarship and is currently a PhD Candidate in Washington D.C. His dissertation is on medical innovation in international healthcare. Mark is actively engaged in providing scientific and technical support to management of research projects and private enterprises within many settings. He is currently the Managing Director of NeuroThrive, LLC in Maryland and a consultant to various academic researchers, clinicians, and non-profits in the region. Mark’s expertise and experience are multidisciplinary and includes 5 peer-reviewed original research publications, numerous mental health grants, and designing and implementing clinician trainings in coordination with major universities. He has proven expertise in the healthcare industry: including over 8 years of clinical practice and 4 years BCIA certified, assistant behavioral director of one of the largest community mental health centers in the country, assistant program director and team lead for NeurExpand Brain Center, and chief operating officer of a neurology practice. He has served as a representative to the AMA CPT Editorial Panel meetings on behalf of multiple stakeholders and is a board member-at-large Foundation for Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Research (FNNR).

Mark has a history of passionate and high energy leadership across various organizations and settings. In his various roles, he always strives to advance value-driven business and practice. His leadership crosses a wide spectrum of professional settings and is directed toward achieving his goals of implementing healthcare practices that are culturally sensitive, purposeful, and innovative. Mark has lead multidisciplinary teams in clinical settings for achieving goals and elevating spirits and inspiration in team members while acting as a mentor and source of thought leadership. He has a record of being involved in co-curricular events such as, but not limited, to fundraising, participating and assisting in planning events, conferences, trainings, etc. Mark has always strived to continually learn and improve himself, while giving back through mentoring of junior members. Fun Fact: Mark enjoys learning to fly and international travel.